The Year of Living Creatively

The Year of Living Creatively

Join John Klymshyn on a year - long journey into an arena of thought, touching on creativity, spirituality, leadership, personal and professional development... and true transformation. Years of speaking for corporations, universities, non - profits and more, has positioned John to bring a message of openness, clear thinking, and completion of projects.
Bring your ideas to life. Add to your creative bent. Expand how you employ language. Gain a deeper understanding of how you are perceived... and why.
John is an Author (multiple books, both fiction and non - fiction) Musician (more than half a century) Music Producer (his own recordings, and those of others) performer, Professional Speaker (over 300 live presentations to corporations, Universities, Non-Profits, International Associations) Philosopher, Veteran, Husband, Parent and ... in general... an obsessive creative who refuses to slow down. Learn how to "Open your creative valve" the way John does consistently. THIS is The Klymshyn Method!

The Year of Living Creatively
  • Why The Year of Living Creatively

    John describes some key words in the creative process known as life.

  • Coach K Explains How We Grow

    John Klymshyn walks us through Circles of Thought, and how we grow exponentially.

  • CO words

    There are many words that begin with the prefix: "CO". John explains their significance ...

  • The Four Circles of Power

  • The Awareness Funnel

    Originally created as an INstruction Video for Enterprise Sales People, this video helps us to gain perspective on what it takes to establish and maintain ANY depth of relationship. As The Year Of Living Creatively is about Elevation, Expansion, Resonance, and Depth... this three + minutes might ...

  • Deeper Dialogue Explainer Video

    My Audio Book: "Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire" explores our fascination with the intersection between Language & Music. In addition. the work delves DEEPLY (of course!) into how language works... and why.
    Get it here:


    Explore creativity. Learn about the power of exploring a State of Flow.

  • Stream Videos-720P

  • Isaac Naor & John Klymshyn revisit Stream 2020

    Do your best work.
    Get into FLOW.
    Step into STREAM.

  • HandzOn Training Basic Tenets Part 2

    Review the basic tenets, and go into deeper detail. Watch this video before you start your selling day, or after you have taken a break. Prepare your mind for the hard and exciting work of selling.

  • Coach K on Language

  • Coach K Explains his "Decision Funnel"

    What will YOU do, today, this week... in the next 20 minutes? Coach K's Decision Funnel will help you make important decisions that lead to action.

  • YOLC Trailer Jan 2024

    Multiple videos in this series help you clear your mind, open your creativity, and increase your discipline.
    Get things done. Move Conversations Forward. Complete bolder, more challenging projects.
    GROW beyond your own limitations or expectations. Grow into being Authentic, Transparent, and unap...

  • p PLUS P

    John walks through some passionate points about critical components for Your Year of Living Creatively

  • Write It Down

    Challenge yourself to T H I N K differently, by choosing to consciously get away from electronics and building a notebook, journal, or collection of things that you WRITE DOWN.